B2B Business development

Business development for raw material suppliers 
Raw material sourcing
International partners research

Cosmeto Azur Consulting will be able to support you at various levels in your business development, this can be

  • a one-time action in addition to your sales team
  • the research of the partnership of your business organization on an area of the world
  • the opening of a market in France or export for your company alone
  • up to the representation of your range
Cosmeto azur consulting will also be able to ensure the REPRESENTATION as a sales representative of your lines of ingredients , for the French market directly or  in EMEA with partners that we can select, train or frame also for your company

 Research of raw materials, new alternative sources or a new origin for a product or new supplier

  • Alternative of a raw material in rupture, little available, or to be substituted
  • New geographical origin for a natural raw material
  • New supplier for an ingredient

Research for business or intermediate partners

  • Contract manufacturers for ingredients manufacturers and for finished products brands
  • Distributors for ingredients manufacturers